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Thank you to the people who have donated and helped support the award:

  • Ellen White
  • The Rosemary Meyer Trust
  • Bill and Ann Owen on behalf of Bradley and Elizabeth Owen
  • Robert F. Hemphill, in memory if his daughter Elika Hemphill
  • Bob Wilcox, on behalf of his daughter Leslie Wilcox
  • Steven and Geri Wallach on behalf of their children Shelby, Shawna, Kellette, and Brian
  • Judy Farrar and Eric Knudsen
  • Gavino Villa and Family
  • James and Elizabeth Greenelsh
  • Rev. Jerid and Mrs. Aria Krulish, in memory of their daughter Zoe Elizabeth
  • David and Jennifer Hemphill in memory of Robert Sr. and Elizabeth Hemphill
  • Dr. Jeffrey Morehouse and Dr. Candace Barton
  • The Estate of Bernard Patrick Huetter
  • Network for Good (via Facebook donations)

Special thanks to Phil Edin in memory of his late wife Margaret Huetter, Sustaining Members of the Foundation.

The Caroline Huetter Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, and we gladly accept donations to help continue supporting young adults give back to their community in unexpected ways.

If you are interested in supporting the Foundation and the annual award, or have general questions about donating, please use the contact sheet below, or contact us at

You can also send contributions to:

TCHF Box 1471 Atascadero Calif. 93423.

If you cannot donate monetarily, please contribute stories, photos, and other memories of Caroline, either here on our website, on our Facebook page, or to our Flickr Group.

When making a donation, you may indicate if you wish your contribution to be attributed or to be anonymous.


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