2016 Winner Profile: Alexa von der Hoff

Alexa van der Hoff, recipient of the 2016 Caroline Huetter Foundation Award

Alexa von der Hoff, recipient of the 2016 Caroline Huetter Foundation Award

The Foundation is very pleased to have chosen Alexa as one of its two recipients of the 2016 Caroline Huetter Foundation Award.

Alexa is the first dance teacher hired by the Paso Robles elementary schools system.

Her work with the school system includes using dance instruction with children with special needs, such as kids on the autism spectrum, to engage more with their peers through dance. She instructs numerous students each year on dance and health, and was nominated for her continuous efforts to go above and beyond her daily work at the schools to support students and mentor those outside of her classes.

The award, including an unrestricted stipend up to $1000, is given each year to winners in recognition of their open mind, kind heart, and caring for others without expecting recognition or reward.

Foundation Executive Director John Huetter said, “Alexa is a great example of the kind of person we want to honor with this award.”

Congratulations to Alexa!

If you are interested in nominating someone for next year’s award, please visit our Nomination page, or contact us.


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