2020: Thank you and Awards

2020 was hard for everyone.

During this bizarre year, we’ve been pretty quiet, but we wanted to take a moment this year to remember Caroline and tell everyone how much we appreciate them for all of their small acts of community service.

We appreciate everyone who gave back to their community during this hard year, even through small acts of service like bringing groceries to an older neighbor, sewing masks to share, checking in on loved ones from afar, or simply staying home and staying safe.

We especially applaud all of the people on the front lines – first responders, doctors, nurses, postal workers, grocery-store workers, and others who are keeping us all safe.

For 2020 this year, instead of one large award, we made several small awards to a variety of individuals and organizations who were doing these smaller acts of service in response to Covid-19.

This year has been such a good reminder of how just little acts of service can go a long way!Thank you, everyone! Stay safe!


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